Aspiring Authors Out There!

To all of the aspiring authors out there, I have a friendly piece of advice.

When it comes to writing a book, don’t worry about getting it perfect the first, second, or even tenth time around! The more you change your story, the more interesting it becomes. I’ve changed my own story about twenty times at least and I don’t know how I ever wrote it without all of the changes the first time. So get out there and be creative!


Amanda Todd Memory

Recently, there has been many discussions and opinions about a recent teenage girl’s suicide. This is one that I feel very strongly about and it just breaks my heart. A young girl named Amanda Todd, was on a webcam one night with a man who gave her numerous comments about her being beautiful and talked her into flashing him. She was in seventh grade and fairly young, so it was clearly a mistake and she didnt know any better. One year later, the man had messaged her saying that if she didn’t “Give him a show” that he was going to exploit her and send everyone the topless picture of her. She ignored him like most others would but little did she know the man had stalked her and knew everything about her such as her friends, her address, her school and things like that. Then over Christmas break at four AM police officers showed up at her house to tell her that the picture had been leaked to everyone. She then changed schools and got into drugs and alcohol in an attempt to drown out the bullies and everyone else. Shockingly, the man once again found out where she was and sent the picture to everyone in her new school. This happened again a few more times. Then, she met a boy at her new school who she thought liked her, he had a girlfriend though, and had only used Amanda for sex. Once the boys girlfriend found out, she came up to the school and beat Amanda until she could do nothing but lye in a ditch where her father found her. That night, Amanda failed an attempt to take her life by drinking bleach. She suffered from depression and anxiety and was given anti-depressants which she only over dosed from. Amanda then moved with her mother and started a new school where she made friends and for once since 8th grade, felt like a normal teenager. Her mother said that she was starting to do so well, she was in a good place, and was progressing with counseling and other treatments. This past Wednesday, on October 10th, Amanda Todd hung herself in a suicide attempt. People are saying that things like this happen everyday but we dont hear about them, so why should this story be any different? I can answer that. Any suicide story is different and is never the same. This story is special, like any other, but we were able to hear it which gives us the chance to LEARN from it. There are still people mocking her death and saying cruel things such as, “I drank bleach, am I like Amanda Todd yet?”. Honestly, what do you get from that besides Karma biting you in the ass? As for the ones calling her a slut or whore, think about it this way, what if it was YOUR child in this position and she made a mistake like this, would you still call her a slut or whore? I dont think so. What breaks my heart the most is that in the video that Amanda made not too long before her death, she says that she knew she made a mistake, and she even moved to a different city but she didnt understand why everyone still tormenting her and stalking her. They’re still doing it even though she’s not here. Bullying is something that should not be taken lightly because it can turn into this. Words can hurt as well even if there as little as calling someone “stupid” or “retarted” or even “ugly”. The lessons that I think that we could all learn from this is to not get involved with peer pressure and also to think before we speak because what comes out of our mouths could have a bigger effect on someone that we would have thought.

Rest in peace to Amanda Todd and any other teenager who was forced to endure anything like this. Despite the impression that others gave, there are still people out there who care about you all and will help as much as we can to prevent things like this from happening.


Welcome To My World!

Hey Everyone! I want to start by first off saying Welcome to my blog! It is not going to be on one specific topic, my blog is going to have many different topics for just about anyone. I’m going to be giving beauty tips, advice, talking about life, music, and all good things like that! Also, if anyone has a topic that they would like to see be blogged on my page, just let me know and I will do my best with it. Thanks everyone and Enjoy! ( :